Celtic’s January Plan: Stick With A Bad Manager And Make The Squad Weaker?

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More troubling headlines today on the likely “plan” for January, and what a stinking, reeking plan it is.

To back Lennon until at least the Ibrox game and probably beyond and to allow him or Lawwell to play one last round of Football Manager’s Fantasy Draft with our money and our squad.

The whole idea of giving the current manager money in January is nonsense, of course, because there is no way that he will be in charge next season … but the idea of letting Lawwell do a “rebuild” which will involve selling key players to buy God knows who is even less appealing.

I don’t want those jokers remotely involved in squad building affairs in January and I’ve said so on this blog several times. I don’t know which of them has the final say on transfers, and that couldn’t be less important anyway as I don’t trust either of them in the first place.

I cannot say enough that every penny we squander in the January window is money the next manager doesn’t get to spend. Every penny Lawwell is allowed to treat as his own robs the next guy from being able to make choices as he would like.

No club with an iota of strategic intelligence would be giving more money to both a lame duck manager and a lame duck CEO, which is what both of them are. Lawwell’s transfer “strategy” has been costly enough. It’s one of the reasons we’re in this mess.

The idea that we should be clearing out the dressing room in January is equally as mad as the idea that we should be putting more bodies in it.

I am not willing to sacrifice the possibility that top players who currently want a move would want to stay under the next boss; if we dismantle this team just to buttress the position of Neil Lennon it will be the final insult.

I’ve pretty much accepted that this campaign is a write-off.

The board could have replaced the manager a month ago – later on I’ll tell you who with – and we’d be in a different position right now. But the fact is, their decision to stick with Lennon for reasons that defy comprehension has cost us the key things we were playing for … it’s all about what happens next.

This is about the future of the club, and Lennon,Desmond and Lawwell don’t have a future at this club.

All decisions to do with the squad should be for the next manager to decide, not left to the troika who have done enough damage already.

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