Clubs Who Want Edouard Know What Celtic’s Price Is, And That They’ll Have To Wait.

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The press is full of Edouard stories today. Transfer stories.

It would almost be stranger if they weren’t, for in spite of his not playing particularly well at the moment he remains Scottish football’s hottest property and top player.

We are probably watching his last season at Celtic.

I am disappointed in how it is going, as disappointed as I am in the inevitability of his departure.

The stories today are absolute nonsense.

The Record has Juventus interested in him but not interested in paying the going rate for him. My next piece up tonight is about Lawwell and how he needs to stop messing about when it comes to our signing policy; other clubs should not treat us like mugs even if he occasionally tries to treat others that way.

The Record quotes a publication in Italy who’ve said that Juventus want the player but don’t want to get into playing a big fee.

Too bad, as Edouard won’t be sold, even when he is, for anything less than the money we want.

The claim is that Celtic values Edouard at £30 million. Juventus thinks he’s worth £20 million … and they balk at offering even that.

So where’s the story here?

Even if all this is true and we’re not dealing with the Italian equivalent of Keith Jackson, you’d think that their unwillingness to pay as much as £10 million less than what Celtic thinks Edouard is worth ends the conversation at once … which it does.

Not that there was ever much of a conversation going on, as Lennon has said repeatedly that no-one will be leaving in this window … which the paper even acknowledges in its non-story.

Of course, we have to decide whether we believe that and on top of that we have to wonder if Lennon will be at the club long enough to wholly take charge of that issue, but for now we should surmise that it’s the operating policy of the club that we will not leave the January window weaker than we went into it.

Selling Edouard would definitely not strengthen us.

I have little doubt that talks have been had between our club and some interested parties.

They will know the timeframe and, just as important, they will know the price-tag.

Until the time is right there’s no conversation.

Until the price is right people shouldn’t waste their time, or ours.

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