Folk At Celtic Should Stop Lecturing The Fans And Focus On Doing Their Jobs.

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Yesterday, at the latest Neil Lennon press conference, there were more lectures to the fans to do their bit and back the team. I always wish someone would stop the show right there and then and ask a simple question; “Did your wages go in this week?”

Cause if they did then it’s case closed and the fans already have.

Lectures aren’t helping anybody here.

It’s the same with the players; a couple of them have echoed the sentiments of the manager, that it’s time the fans stepped up.

As if selling 50,000 season tickets for an empty stadium is not proof that fans have already done just that.

The management team has failed us this season.

The players have failed us this season.

What a cheek for them to continue demanding we do more, or at the very least that we sit down and shut up.

We are Celtic, we are not some English club floating on a sea of television money or the largesse of some super-rich owner.

Every penny that flows into their bank accounts comes from us, that’s the simple truth of it.

We don’t expect gratitude and don’t ask for it. We won’t tolerate ingratitude.

The manager and the players will stop getting stick when they start consistently performing.

The board is worse, by far.

The players and the fans show up for pressers every week and they talk to the supporters via the club’s social media channels, although I expect less and less of us are watching them on CelticTV at the moment with cancellations going up.

The board puts up fences.

It releases inflammatory statements and then tries to roll them back.

It boasts about its own achievements – those of the management teams and players of recent years – and will undoubtedly spend the sham AGM on Monday, where no questions are permitted from the floor, doing it again.

Yes, there are all sorts of fences.

Get ready for all the old laugh-lines. “We will never let Celtic fall behind.” “We want success just as much as you do.”

Peter Lawwell has always put great store in how ambitious he is for our club; just not enough to treat finding a manager with the seriousness it deserved last time. How anyone thought it sounded good to tell the world of Lennon that “we appointed him in the shower and didn’t even look at another CV” I will never know.

But that act of bravado will haunt him, and this club, for as long as he’s here.

I wonder how many of those CV’s were sent in by people who told their agents to block and delete his number this past month?

A few, no doubt.

I am tired of these people talking down to us. I can almost accept it from the players and even the manager because these guys do have a history of delivering for us, but I cannot take it from the preening egos in our boardroom who have multiplied calamitous decision making with the most atrocious PR I’ve seen from a professional organisation in years.

How dare they tell us what we have to do?

It’s time these people packed up their stuff and let some fresh thinking into the club.

These folk are not cutting it. Indeed, I’d go as far as to say they are taking the piss now.

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