It Now Looks As If Celtic Is Being Run For The Benefit Of Neil Lennon. What A Disgrace That Is.

Image for It Now Looks As If Celtic Is Being Run For The Benefit Of Neil Lennon. What A Disgrace That Is.

It seems evident now that Lennon is unsackable until the re-arranged Scottish Cup Final.

Not only is this an unpardonable disgrace, that our board would sacrifice our league title challenge and the ten in a row, in an act of misguided loyalty and cloying sentimentality, but it actually risks the Quadruple Treble as well, because Lennon’s team don’t look capable of winning it.

For years on this site, I have been critical of this club for appearing not to have a long term plan.

The evidence of that, indeed the total absence of anything even resembling one, has never been more clear or readily apparent.

We are wandering aimlessly right now, our vision narrowed to a matter of weeks, towards a cup final which to many fans no longer holds the enthusiasm it should and a January window where the plan seems to be to give money to a manager who cannot possibly survive this season and cannot deploy the resources he already has.

Every penny he spends is money his replacement doesn’t get to build his own team.

So we now have, at Celtic, – the biggest club in the country – the only manager in the league who can’t be fired no matter what transpires in the next two weeks or so.

The cup final should be one of the crowning achievements of this club; instead it will be a shabby PR exercise designed to rehabilitate some of Neil Lennon’s reputation.

They ought not to waste their time on it.

His final act as Celtic manager will be to have his hands prised off the office doorknob amidst the ruination of this campaign. He can’t save himself from that fate, the time for a dignified exit was weeks ago and to be frank the idea that he might hang on just so he can put another trophy on his CV is stomach churning.

Are we run for the benefit of the club as a whole, or for the benefit of Neil Lennon?

Does the personality cult around this guy now extend to our own boardroom?

This club has given Neil Lennon more than enough already; this is a step too far.

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