Keith Jackson’s Latest Anti-Celtic Rant Should Be Scorned For The Garbage It Is.

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A car-crash is in the eye of the beholder, and although this season has not been great to far to describe it as a car-crash is a little stupid as there’s still an awful lot of football to play in it.

If we snatch ten in a row and perhaps even win the Scottish Cup, on top of clinching the Quadruple Treble, will it be a car crash then, or will we have come through a rough patch to show our typical strength?

You have to marvel over the arrogance of people whose club has won nothing in its history and who think that sitting atop the table at the halfway point puts them on the cusp of something. They are by no means secure in their position … there is a long way to go here.

Our season has been dreadful. That’s a fact. But Jackson could have written that and left it at that.

He could have said that when we roll into Ibrox at the weekend that they will be the favourites. It would have been true. He couldn’t help himself though, he went much further than that and turned the article into a scattergun critique which stank of stupidity.

You know what else it stank of? Fear.

That was most evident in his ridiculous attack on our two strikers, who he accused of undermining and even betraying Neil Lennon.

What’s he basing that on?

He said Griffiths came back from the lockdown unit.

He’s right, he did, and this was loudly slammed by the club and the manager himself. Griffiths vowed to work hard and get into the team, which he’s done several times only for Lennon himself to inexplicably drop him. Griffiths can’t be blamed for the way he’s fought for inclusion.

He didn’t undermine anyone.

A certain Colombian also returned for pre-season training grossly overweight.

The media gave him a free ride, mostly because his club did. He’s had chances to prove his worth to his club. He hasn’t done a fraction of what Griffiths already has. Has Morelos undermined the manager? Not according to the media who haven’t uttered a word against him.

The idea that Edouard undermined the manager is just as ludicrous. Jackson actually accused him of “downing tools”, which is a scandalous allegation to push at a player. Where’s the evidence for that? Edouard has been injured. Edouard has had the bug.

Has he struggled to get back to his normal high standards? Yes, but he’s a model professional.

Edouard still does it when it matters.

Again, attention should be turned to the Colombian ned who has let his own team down time and again and nowadays doesn’t even cover for his bad behaviour with goals. Where are the allegations that he’s chucked it?

They are much easier to sustain than those which Jackson has made about Edouard.

On top of his crap assertions, I must make a stylistic critique, not just of Jackson but his editor; any article in a mainstream title (or even a high school publication) which contains a sentence including the words “the clutches of this horrible annus” in that order, no matter the context, should be shut down and everyone involved in it fired for crimes against the English language.

That elevates bad writing to a whole new plain. Who told this clown he should be doing this stuff for a living?

There are real writers out there scratching out an existence, and a national newspaper pays someone to write like that?

Does he think he’s funny?

Not even if Aaron Seltzer movies were the Mount Everest of humour.

He is a joke against the industry.

Jackson is one of the worst “journalists” in Scotland, but he survives because he’s surrounded by other mediocrities. This guy wouldn’t get lunch in the canteen at a London title; they wouldn’t let him in the building as a cleaner for fear he might sit down at a computer and start tapping the keys.

He says we don’t know whether our “young guns” can be trusted at Ibrox; he means Hazard (who has played in a cup final), Soro, who has 70 games in the Israeli top flight and David Turnbull, who has played against the Ibrox club several times already and has already won a Sports Writers Young Player of the Year award for performances in the SPL.

Don’t look for logic in anything that Jackson has written today.

Don’t look for any quality either because you should already know there’s none to be had.

It was another desperate rant, one designed to fill hearts with doubt.

But you need to be pretty gutless already to think Jackson’s words were in any way frightening.

We can win at Ibrox.

We still have better footballers than they do and unlike other sides which have gone there, including Hibs at the weekend, we will not simply sit back and let them play pretty football. If we get in their faces, and the manager gets the tactics right, we will beat them … and the gap will be cut and then it’s game on.

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