Lawwell Finally Speaks And He’s Confirmed The Worst. There Is No Plan B At Celtic Park.

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Well, we finally got the answer we were waiting for.

The board at Celtic is standing by their man after all.

Despite fans flocking to use their Ladbrokes code for new customers on a Celtic Park sacking, they are standing by Lennon, and together they are walking into the fire arm in arm.

There is an appeal for unity. There are assurances that everyone at Parkhead wants what is best for the club. The board is claiming they are still hungry for success.

All of it is Hallmark Card sentimental clap-trap.

The plan is to carry on, as if nothing is wrong?

To look to a Scottish Cup final and a “quadruple treble” which, as nice as it would be, feels like the bookend to a successful period rather than the continuation of it.

It feels like the end of an era, and this one is starting out with us shit-scared of the stunning ineptitude of our leadership.

Most of us are more interested in where we go from here.

Standing by Lennon and his backroom team is the summit of lunacy.

There are no signs whatsoever that the current management knows how to get us out of this tailspin.

Lennon spent the last press conference denying the seriousness of the crisis and talking about practicing our positioning during corners, as if that idea had only just dawned on him. He spent the one before that promoting the idea that our problems would be solved by moving the furniture around at Lennoxtown.

I don’t even think he can diagnose the problems far less come up with the solutions.

Nobody out-with the Parkhead bubble believes he’s the right man for this. Nobody.

None of us can be expected to accept that statement tonight; it is a gross insult to all of us. If this board genuinely cared about what was right for this club, they would admit the enormity of their own mistakes and fix them. This doesn’t even paper over the cracks.

Lawwell said we need “strength in adversity.”

No, what we need in adversity is genuine leadership and not phony appeals to unity at a time when the board is briefing the media against the fans. Yes, this clearly represents a major reversal in the PR policy of recent days, and as welcome as that might be the damage – long-term and serious damage – has already been done.

The mention of the Scottish Cup final is frankly terrifying; no-one can credibly argue that Neil Lennon and those coaches should lead us into that game.

Lawwell claims those inside Parkhead are listening;

“We know that many Celtic supporters share very honest and real concerns and they are being heard by the Club.”

Good to know, but I experienced a relationship which worked a little like this, which is why I ended it.

“Nice to hear your views and all that, but we’re doing it my way.” Oh, really?

Honest to God, this isn’t revealing a tin ear as much as it gives us the finger.

The entire upper echelon at Celtic Park – from the coaches on up – have absolutely lost the plot.

There is no other way to put it. The next disaster is right around the corner, and they genuinely believe that they can ride this out.

Having scorned the fans in private, they’re now doing it in public.

Shame on the lot of them.

Our club is in serious, serious trouble now.

The board just admitted there is no Plan B.

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