Lennon Slams The Door On The Fraser Forster Rumour And Says “No Keeper In January.”

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Common sense has broken out at Celtic at last, and dashed the hopes of an entire media industry which was ready to write articles about how we had written off a £5 million signing.

That’s not going to happen, for Lennon has said today that he has no intention of signing a goalkeeper in January.

At last, some facts are now being faced up to.

I have long argued that the problems we have will not be solved in the transfer market.

Oh, we may get something good there on the right hand side of midfield and as it looks as if our big Israeli is going to leave we definitely need a right back as well … but our tendency to lose daft goals does not require the signing of a keeper. It requires a better organised defence.

I don’t know whether the manager has realised that or been told he can’t have another goalkeeper or that he simply wants to give Barkas his shot … for once that stuff doesn’t matter. We are preserving the status of the player we signed in the summer to be number one.

Barkas is being given a vote of confidence, just as the manager himself was.

I am pleased, obviously.

I never thought we should be looking to sign a keeper when we’ve got three on the books already and especially when one was signed for big money. We can’t just keep making this stuff up as we go along, there has to be a consistency to our transfer strategy and what this suggests to me is that we’re at last moving towards one.

We need players in other positions here. We need the right back. We need the right midfielder.

These are the two areas where we’re critically short.

You could argue that as Abd Elhamed is leaving that not only do we need to replace him in his natural position but that we need a central defender as well.

If we’re looking to do a deal for the long term, I’d say look no further than Ryan Porteous at Hibs who would be a great understudy to the guys we have and would quickly develop into the Real Deal.

But that’s a discussion for another day; today the manager has slammed the door on one of the dumbest transfer window ideas I’ve heard in a long time

. I am glad that this issue, at least, has been settled and we don’t have to go through the tiresome routine any more of wondering about Forster or some other keeper coming in.

Now, if the manager only gave us the same assurances about Patrick Roberts, I think I’d sleep better tonight knowing that whatever the plan is it’s not to go back to the tried and tested … at last, this might signify some sort of forward progress.

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