Lennon Survives Again. The Celtic Board Has Again Demonstrated It’s Contempt For The Fans.

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So it’s official. Or as official as it gets.

The Scottish press has been briefed that Lennon has been told that his job remains safe, in spite of the total shambles that this season has become.

I knew this anyway, as I pointed out in my earlier piece, so it isn’t a total surprise. It is no less stomach churning though.

Has there ever been a board more at odds with its supporters than this one? The time has come now for every supporter and every supporter’s organisation to ask of itself “What can I do and what am I prepared to do in order to force this to an end?”

And by an end, it’s pretty clear that we cannot stop with the removal of the manager.

Lawwell has to go. Desmond has to be pushed to a point where Celtic is just not worth the trouble our involvement can cause him anymore. The removal of Bankier should follow that, but would we really notice anyway if he was gone?

There are organisations who have been largely silent here; it’s time for that to end.

They represent the people who really matter; the people who put their money into Celtic, and it’s in their hands that this should now be placed.

If the Association and the Affiliation are to remain relevant they have to get off the fence.

If individual supporters buses or groups are concerned – and of course they are, we all are – this is the moment to act.

Celtic is in a place of crisis; there can’t be the slightest doubt about that any longer.

It is time for every supporter in the land to do his or her own bit.

The Celtic Trust has already had an emergency meeting.

What are the other organisations waiting for?

It’s clear now that the club views the fans with utter contempt.

This club is at war with itself, it is useless to pretend otherwise.

The board is no longer paying the slightest bit of attention to what we say or what we want … the contempt radiates out of Celtic Park.

Lennon’s position has been untenable for a month now, and that has to be obvious to those who employ him.

Yet they still hold fast.

It has already cost us a League Cup tilt.

It has arguably cost us our league title challenge.

We are out of Europe and facing an abject humiliation on that front.

Now they are risking the Scottish Cup which was supposed to set the seal on one of the finest eras in the club’s entire history.

This is a grotesque dereliction of duty for which there is no excuse.

It seems as if certain people, knowing they are on the way out, are wilfully burning the club to the ground out of spite as they head for the exit door.

I would not be in the slightest bit surprised if this was, indeed, the mind-set of people like Lawwell; to consider us ingrates who don’t deserve anything else.

The time has come for every supporter to do what he or she can to send the message that Celtic belongs to the fans.

Our absentee landlord and his pet have run this club like it’s their thing for far too long now.

It is high time the fans seized the agenda once more.

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