Lennon’s Comments On The January Window Are Overdue Good News For The Fans.

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Yesterday, Neil Lennon finally gave the fans some good news when he told the press that we would not be holding a fire-sale of the key players in January.

This shatters at least one hope which the media had foolishly bought into, that the squad would be decimated and leave us even weaker than before.

I know Celtic fans had worried about it, and I expressed my hope in a previous piece that it wouldn’t be the case.

But honestly, I don’t know how the board would have sold it with everything else going on.

Lennon said we’ll strengthen the squad; I don’t like the sound of that much, but he also hinted that anyone we bring in is most likely going to be on loan, which does make more sense. I want the next manager to have every penny he can get.

Some short term thinking is required here. The club should be used to that.

Anything else is pointless at the moment, as it seems absolutely certain that Celtic will undergo a major shift in personnel and possibly even doctrine as well over the summer.

We are facing one Hell of a rebuilding job, I think.

Some of these players will leave us in the summer, of that I have little doubt, but if Lawwell is gone and we’ve got a new man in the dugout, perhaps someone with a little gravitas, we may well have a chance of convincing some of them to stay for another year or two, and if we don’t the manager will have a chance to sell them and make his own decisions about how to spend the money.

His own decisions. Without interference from the untitled director of football.

Yesterday, Neil Lennon confirmed for us – without saying so, without even acknowledging that it was what he was saying – that the new guy will get the best possible chance to put his imprint on the team. That’s the best thing we’ve heard from him in a while.

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