Levein Proves Himself A Fool Yet Again And Gives Celtic Another Incentive To Win.

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Scottish football’s resident fool has been bumping his gums again, and he’s done Celtic yet another grand service.

Craig Levein’s latest remarks are as ridiculous as anything else he’s said, but we should use them to give us a little more juice for the weekend to come.

He thinks we’re “fragile” and that Hearts are in great form. He “isn’t sure” that we’re out of our bad spell, but he’s sure that Hearts are “firing on all cylinders” … except, he says, for what happened recently at Dunfermline, where they lost 2-1.

But as usual he’s talking absolute garbage because Hearts have three wins in the last five games and two defeats, not one.

The team that is “firing on all cylinders” was knocked out of the League Cup in the last round by the footballing superpower that is Alloa a mere three matches ago.

Their three league wins are built around the Dunfermline reversal and that shocking result.

I understand why Levein thinks this is great form, because in relative terms – i.e. in comparison with his time at the helm there – it actually is.

“Other than the Dunfermline match a couple of weeks back they have been sweeping away all before them,” he said, obviously forgetting that League Cup cataclysm. “I think they’ve got a better chance than people think.”

What did those sitting in the Radio Scotland studio think when they heard that claptrap?

The Daily Record, which re-printed this idiocy, doesn’t say but I wouldn’t be surprised if they all nodded silently and let him get on with it.

I think it’s extraordinary that they have him on that show; he is a joke figure to most of Scottish football and he lowers the average IQ in any room by a double digit margin.

Celtic will ignore the white noise; I am certain of that.

This team knows what it has to do and needs no greater incentive than the history that will be made. The players get it and the coaching team definitely does. Their survival, even in the short term, depends on it. They don’t need any greater motivation than what was already available to them.

But Levein loves the sound of his own voice so much, and he likes poking our club with a stick, and this should give us that little bit of added impetus.

Shutting this man up will be low down on our list of priorities for Sunday but I’m sure we can add it to the list.

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