Premier Sports Cut Out Celtic’s Winning Penalty. Their SFA Contract Is A Joke.

Image for Premier Sports Cut Out Celtic’s Winning Penalty. Their SFA Contract Is A Joke.

Premier Sports have been taking my money for way too long.

I keep on forgetting I’m paying those guys a subscription, until something big comes on for which I need one.

Them getting the contract for the Scottish Cup was another SFA slap in the face to ordinary football supporters.

They are a third rate broadcaster and having to pay a tenner a month to watch a few European qualifiers and one domestic competition is absolutely infuriating.

It’s an issue I never have to bother with again because after tonight they aren’t getting a red cent of my money again after their feed cut out at the moment big Ajer stepped up to the take the crucial penalty kick. Sabotage or just that they are a crap broadcaster?

I don’t care either way, if they can’t be trusted with a match like this and a moment like that I’m done.

There will be Scottish Cup ties to come; I’ll catch them some other way.

Celtic owes us some free games and hopefully the home ties will be on the virtual season ticket. If I have to pay away clubs the money to watch individual games I will do that, happily, gladly, rather than give another bean to this lot who have had way too much of my cash already.

BBC showed the final live; when the feed cut out as Ajer was stepping up my old man switched it over instantly, and so we saw the moment.

But I know we were the lucky ones in terms of being able to do that; I’ve seen a video of Martin Beatty and wee Jay where theirs cut out entirely and didn’t come back on again until the ball was in the net.

In that moment neither of them seemed to care … but this is honking service from a company that has been invited by our governing body to blatantly rip us off and I’m no longer playing.

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