Rent-A-Quote Hutton Doesn’t Have The First Clue What’s Going On With Ajer Or Celtic.

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Alan Hutton is in the papers today. Or he’s trying to get in the papers, and some of them are biting.

The story he’s punting is one of the usual ones from him, a tale of how a Celtic player’s agent has been busy.

Hutton thinks. But he doesn’t actually know.

You could probably put the things that Hutton does actually know, and especially when it comes to Celtic, on the back of a postage stamp. He certainly doesn’t have the first clue what a Celtic player’s agent may or may not be getting up to.

Yet that doesn’t stop him talking out of school about Ajer, and speculating that his improved displays of late are being put together on the back of a move which has already been agreed. Hutton’s brazenly unsupported allegation is another in a long line of tiresome stories to come out of the nonsense factories of the site calling itself Football Insider.

Football Insider pays a bunch of players (or at least I assume they do) for rent-a-quote nonsense such as this.

Their “inside” info comes from the same place as the assertions of Charlie Nicholas and his ilk; because these people once played the game they believe they are experts in what is going on within it. Most of the time their “insights” are about as eye opening, interesting or on the nose as those you get from that guy in the boozer who never shuts up.

Ajer is probably going to go.

He sure as Hell shows no signs of signing a new deal at Celtic Park.

But do I believe he’s upped his game to get a January move? No, I absolutely don’t and in no small part because there’s no way in Hell we’re going to sell top players in the coming window, not with things still as tense between club and fans as they are.

Ajer and everyone else knows that full well. The hacks are also well aware of it.

This isn’t the only story I’m going to do today on transfers that won’t happen in January … but this one is particularly annoying because it’s presented as some big exclusive when, in fact, it’s simply the opinion of another ex-Ibrox player who wants a place in the MSM.

Maybe BBC Scotland will have something for him in the New Year.

They seem to find room for plenty of other anti-Celtic nobodies.

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