Scotland’s Stupidest Pundit Again Shows Us How Being Anti-Celtic Warps His Judgement.

Image for Scotland’s Stupidest Pundit Again Shows Us How Being Anti-Celtic Warps His Judgement.

Kris Boyd. Oh man.

What else is there to say except when you are so far into the darkness of your biases, as he is, that it is very difficult to see anything that isn’t warped by that lens.

At that point you probably shouldn’t be broadcasting that fact.

But Boyd is the living proof that all prejudice is born of stupidity.

As I said only days ago, the reason he is nearly unbearable is not that he is biased but because he is absolutely thick and listening to him at all is like hearing nails scraped down a chalkboard.

Today he’s in the news because his “Celtic-Rangers eleven” – I refuse to call it what he does, of course – has nine of their players and two of ours in it.

Yes, you read that. Nine of them.

Some seem to think the only point of contention is as to whether Ajer or Jullien should be in the backline; I think the whole team is highly suspect, with only Turnbull and Edouard making the side from our ranks.

Where’s Ajer? Where’s Christie? Where’s McGregor? Where’s Griffiths?

None of them make it, and the spurious inclusions of Kent (who has barely kicked his own backside), Davis and Balogun are frankly ridiculous choices which show Boyd up as a prize clown.

I don’t take this seriously. Nobody should. It is “one man’s opinion”, but it just so happens that this a particularly bitter individual, and if the media didn’t take this stuff at face value and treat it with more respect than it deserves the rest of could just ignore it.

Our team hasn’t been playing well, but there are guys who have been holding us together and to see not one of them included in that team makes it about as ridiculous as you could get.

Boyd has no real credibility but that which assorted newspaper editors and media organisations give him; in any other country this guy would be on the margins, as a joke figure.

This is just another example as to why.

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