Chris Jack’s Latest Article Reads Like A Paranoid Anti-Celtic Conspiracy Theory.

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Earlier today, Chris “Union” Jack published one of his “originals.”

That is, something which could only have sprung from his particular pen. One of the stalwarts of the media’s Ibrox cheerleader section which mourned the death of the OldCo only to pretend they never died, he has been a favourite of the Celtic fans for many years now.

Jack is something else, even by the debauched standards of our press. He is capable of works of such comic brilliance that if he did cartoons David Squires would soon find himself out of a job. This is not one of those articles because not one bit of it was funny.

Instead, segments of it read like an Ibrox paranoiacs nightmare.

Jack is worried that the SPL is going to be ended prematurely this season. And although he moans about how it was ended last time around, he is even more worried, it seems, about how it might be ended this time. In Celtic’s favour again.

But I can hear you cry common sense out there! If the league is called it won’t be in Celtic’s favour until or unless we’re top of the league. Correct, of course, but Jack seems to think there’ll be some scam beyond even that. The article is completely bizarre.

“Given the shambolic and incompetent way in which the SPFL handled the botched ending to last season, it is hard to have faith in those same figures being able to deal with any situation that threatens the current campaign,” he writes.

And this is true only if you believe that it was a botched ending. It wasn’t. It was the wailing and whining of two clubs which tried to make it seem that way. Logic and reason and fairness won out, and the results were the right ones.

He goes on though;

“Mercifully, we are not at that stage yet. As it stands, the numbers do not merit a conversation over the future of football in Scotland and there should be no threat to the sport whilst those in it continue to, largely, operate by the rules and guidelines.”

The first dark rumblings of paranoia. What does he mean by “largely”? Does he have evidence to suggest that rules and guidelines aren’t being followed right now?

“Any suggestion otherwise would point to an agenda based on club allegiances.”

And here it comes. He is suggesting that those of a Celtic persuasion might call for the league to be suspended. He is actually accusing us of being in favour of a null and void outcome, which is a quite preposterous allegation … and rather a hypocritical one for him to make, since he was in favour of that outcome last time and now appears not to be.

I guess he thinks if he can change his mind like the weather we all behave the same.

“Having seen sporting integrity and governance lobbed out of the sixth floor window at Hampden in the summer, the same scenarios should not be allowed to play out for a second time.”

Notice first the complete baseless allegation that something untoward happened last year. We’ve been through this. An inquiry cleared all involved. A vote of the clubs after the Ibrox “dossier” was presented ended in a clear-cut verdict … this was all in their imaginations.

And what same scenarios doesn’t he want to play out? If the same scenarios were played out, right now, it’s his club that would win the league.

Unless he thinks that Scottish football would be willing to declare the null and void in this case, which they absolutely would not.

I can cope – sort of – with the Ibrox wailing over perceived crimes of the past. It is something else when you read drivel like this moaning about things that haven’t happened yet and hypothetical scenarios which stretch probability until the elastic snaps.

I honestly don’t know where some of the Peepul get ideas like these from. They clearly believe we rigged the vote last season to defeat the null and void option; do they really believe we would brazenly rig it the other way to get that decision this time?

Apparently they do, and this guy’s editor allowed him to write that.

How shocking. Our media … what else can you say?

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