SevcoLand Targets Goodwin For Abuse Because The “Ex-Celt” Highlighted Their Penalty Stats.

Image for SevcoLand Targets Goodwin For Abuse Because The “Ex-Celt” Highlighted Their Penalty Stats.

The citizens of La La Land are up in arms again. It’s been a while, right?

The reason they are so angry today is the interview Jim Goodwin, of St Mirren, gave yesterday in which he described how his team had secured a League Cup victory over the Ibrox club but at the same time offered some statistical food for thought.

Goodwin’s “crime” was to state the facts. And the facts are these.

Sevco is the only club in the league not to have a penalty awarded against them this season.

And so Goodwin is trending on Twitter and elsewhere, with Ibrox fans gleeful about having beaten his team today.

I’m sure he cares a lot about that.

His comments yesterday were absolutely spot on, and he told the truth and stated the facts.

There is nothing particularly controversial in pointing those stats out and asking why. We’re not talking about a scenario here where we’re a handful of games into the season; we’re at the halfway point, which the hacks love reminding us about as they draw our attention to the league table.

The Ibrox assistant manager was asked about penalties the other day; I neither know nor care of the context in which the question was asked.

But he waived it away as a matter of no consequence, which is easy to do when you get so many favourable decisions.

Goodwin stands accused of bias. And bringing the game into disrepute. But where is biased to point out statistics and question them?

Since when does that constitute bringing the game into disrepute?

Let’s face it, if you accuse the SPFL board of directors of having a pro-Celtic and anti-Ibrox agenda, if you accuse of them of corruption and then can’t produce a shred of evidence to support that claim, and if you spent an entire summer demanding the resignations of various people and casting aspersions on their character and that isn’t bringing the game into disrepute then what Goodwin has done here most certainly can’t meet that standard.

Some of the Ibrox fan sites have thrown it out there that Goodwin is an “ex-Celt.”

Yeah, we know.

He spent a whole season with us and played one game. 20 years ago.

Before he went to England for the rest of his career.

But of course, he was so infected with paranoia and anti-Ibrox hate in that time that he couldn’t wait to get up here and have a go.

Except, he’s been back up here nearly ten years, four of them as a manager, and this, to the best of my knowledge, is the first time he’s ever opened his mouth about any of this stuff. He is so consumed with hate that he waited two decades to let it all out.

Honest to God, these Peepul are on a different planet to the rest of us.

Any criticism, no matter how minor, is taken a grievous insult.

They are actually hammering at him on Twitter right now, which I am sure bothers him not one bit.

He is, after all, a man with a cup semi final to look forward to.

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