Survival Lie Apologist Paul Lambert Again Shows That He Doesn’t Understand Celtic Fans.

Image for Survival Lie Apologist Paul Lambert Again Shows That He Doesn’t Understand Celtic Fans.

Paul Lambert, who endorsed the Survival Lie and believes that most Celtic fans would agree with him, has again shown his complete lack of understanding about who we are and what it is that we believe.

In defending his old friend Neil Lennon, he has turned on the supporters who were protesting earlier in the month by saying they are “not real Celtic fans.”

How nice it is to hear from Lambert on this, the guy who thinks he understands us so well that he now reckons it’s his place to tell us what makes a Celtic fan and what doesn’t.

Just let me see if I understand his impression of what makes one of us in his eyes.

You have to be someone who blindly keeps the faith no matter the circumstances, no matter how deep the malaise, someone who thinks the Ibrox club is the same one as the post-2012 one and who also thinks that Scottish football did them wrong.

That’s what makes a Celtic fan in the opinion of Paul Lambert.

Those are the boxes you need to check.

You have to wonder which “Celtic fans” he’s been spending his time with, don’t you?

Peter Lawwell perhaps, who seems to believe many of the same things.

Look, if Neil Lennon turns this around nobody will be happier than those fans who were outside Celtic Park protesting the collapse in our form.

Nobody will be happier. I know that because those folks put themselves on the front line because they care about our club. It is a scandal how many of our former players have turned on those fans, who aside from a handful who behaved appallingly they protested peacefully and reasonably.

By the third protest they were openly backing the team even as they did.

How dare this guy call them out? How dare he claim that they aren’t part of us?

What right does Lambert have to make that kind of judgement?

As I said, he’s not the only one of our former pros who has come out and slammed the fans like this.

Lambert is in a class of his own though, as he’s on record pushing the darkest lies in the Scottish game, and claiming to “know” that we agree with him.

He shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the bulk of us disagree, strongly, all over again.

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