The BBC Is A Disgrace. Reporting Scotland, But Just Not Celtic?

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Yesterday I wrote a piece on how our fantastic triumph had sickened our rivals in a way that they could not hide.

I principally focussed on Neil McCann, whilst pointing out that he was far from the only person in the media who felt what he so bitterly expressed. There are others all over the media who are smarting at this achievement and some of them working not too far away from McCann in that big building down by the Clyde.

What a demonstration we got of that last night, when Reporting Scotland’s evening broadcast didn’t even mention us. Celtic fans across the internet responded furiously; some of them have fired off notices of complaint. And no wonder.

What kind of resentful, small-minded people do we have in the press that they would deliberately choose to miss, from their Monday news slot, the fact that the Scottish Cup Final was held the previous day? Do you think if Celtic had lost that they’d have missed it out?

What other news was so important that it dominated proceedings? New managers at Ross County and Livingston are obviously stories worth covering, but it is outrageous for the national broadcaster to ignore a national final and especially one which made history.

It absolutely reeks of bitterness and pettiness. You marvel at how an organisation like this can be so filled with such spiteful individuals.

This is why I had to laugh at Hearts fans accusing the BBC of having commentary biased in favour of Celtic!

They actually issued a denial of that yesterday, but they didn’t really have to. In this house we switched it over to Premier Sports because we found their constant mentions of the Ibrox club and constant criticisms of Celtic so annoying.

You know, our club allows this kind of thing to run riot. We should be banning organisations which act against our interests such as this, but we won’t although Lawwell has been very quick to ban certain journalists who have gone after him personally.

The BBC would be a pretty big organisation to go up against, but the Ibrox club did it some years back and it hasn’t adversely affected them in any way.

If the national broadcaster doesn’t want to cover us then we should hold them to that for a while, and let them feel the cold of being on the outside.

I’m not suggesting a full ban, but a partial one, for a limited amount of time, just to send a message.

I am certain that it would be an effective one.

And it needs done. It needed done a long time ago.

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