The Calls To Have Edouard Banned For Celtic On Saturday Are Desperate And Laughable.

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Oh how desperate.

Now Edouard should be banned from Saturday’s game for a “violent lunge” in midweek?

Oh dear oh dear … how woeful.

This anti-Edouard campaign reeks.

For the second time this week if you stand outside and spread your nostrils and sniff the air you can smell fear wafting out of Ibrox and its environs.

Was it really that easy to sew doubts in these people? Was it really that easy to have them questioning themselves and whether they could beat us?

What has it been for us? Six wins in a row, including our cup final? And this is their reaction? A full-scale meltdown of squealing like pigs and trying to weaken us before the match? I mean dear God. It really speaks to how fragile their confidence really is.

This story actually started at the weekend, in the lunatic wards of Ibrox’s social media, but it got its shot in the arm when Mark Hateley decided to bring the issue up on one of those notorious “news” sites which are everywhere these days.

From there, this thing has leapt fully formed into the media.

I have watched the so-called incident again tonight; I am almost embarrassed for these people, as this is so desperate. For one thing, Edouard goes in for the ball and wins it. Yes, the United player got a little bit of a knock, but he made nothing of it. Not one of his team-mates made anything of it. In the aftermath of the game his manager made nothing of it.

This is an entirely manufactured controversy and I don’t even know what the purpose of it would be since Edouard isn’t going to be sanctioned and is going to be ready to play. This is pure fantasy land stuff from a section of the Ibrox illiterati in the media, and particularly stupid because if there was no comparison between Eddie the player and the Ibrox ned Morelos there certainly isn’t any comparison between their disciplinary records.

To try and compare the actions of one with the actions of the other … well that takes the word “ridiculous” to soaring new heights. These people need to find a dark room and go for a wee lie down in it because this stuff is just barmy.

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