The Celtic Fan’s Backlash Steps Up A Gear … And It’s Hitting The Board Where It Hurts.

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Tonight, as the statement from the bunker urges unity even as the club turns its back on the overwhelming opinions of the fans, a campaign is gathering steam and it is putting the pressure on the club in a way that cannot be as easily ignored.

Small groups of fans are seeking still available refunds from last season’s tickets, and others are cancelling any direct debits and subscriptions they currently have open with the club.

The overall impact of this is impossible to judge at the moment, but 50,000 plus supporters are entitled to the ticket refund from last season and since CelticTV is now actively trolling us by putting on people like Scott Brown to claim the dressing room is fighting for the manager it seems pointless to continue funding that.

Subscriptions to Keith Jackson’s paper are cheaper, and they too seem to be a PR outlet for the club just now.

This is hitting the board where it hurts.

This isn’t even waiting until next season’s renewal forms are out, this is action being taken today, in the here and now.

And even if the numbers are currently small, the potential impact of this will certainly have focussed minds.

The club is not listening to us at the moment.

That preening, smug statement earlier was a travesty.

There’s no point in hoping that our directors’ start paying attention; it’s clear that if they aren’t going to take fans seriously that they have to be confronted with the consequences of that failure. Protests outside the ground are all well and good, but it only takes one or two idiots before the club has a means of spinning that story to its own advantage.

This is better and hits closer to the mark.

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