The Media’s Hypocrisy On Celtic’s Nine In A Row Triumph Is Now Plain For All To See.

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If Celtic loses at Ibrox then it’s over. That’s not a fact, it’s an opinion but it’s an opinion based on the fixture list, what would need to happen and the likelihood of it. There is nothing complicated about this stuff, although we might not always like what the stats bear out.

The simple bald truth of it will be that even in the best case scenario – where we win all our games in hand – that the gap would be ten points. That means that even if we beat them both times they could afford another two slips whilst we would essentially have to win every single game.

It would not be impossible. But it would be highly unlikely.

The media would call it at once. They would anoint Gerrard the new messiah.

Their cheerleaders are already all over the place, with every former Ibrox player being dragged out to say that the pressure is on us and that anything short of a Celtic win would make it game over. Marco Negri and I don’t disagree. I find the hypocrisy harder to stomach than the math.

The Ibrox club would have 16 games left to go.

Their “in the bank” lead would be ten points. For the media to declare that all over would probably be fair enough, but these are the same people who told us that the same gap, with eight games to go, was so vulnerable that for the SPL to declare the league issue settled was a travesty and a stitch-up.

Remember, they wanted the entire upper echelon of the SPFL board to resign over that decision.

The Ibrox club was claiming it a major scandal.

They have never shut up about the “injustice” of being unable to complete the season.

There are many of them absolutely convinced we’d have been caught, although their form was dreadful compared to ours.

I’ve never believed for one second that they’d have caught us. We were going to Ibrox to hit for six, and they were weak and unable to see how they could stop us. The straw they clung to was that they had recently won at Celtic Park; it wouldn’t have saved them.

If we lose at Ibrox the prospect of playing them another twice won’t make much difference to us.

The club will be counting the cost of its mistakes and Lennon will be done.

The media will be right about that much at least, but the second they publicly call this title race that’s when we’ll be able to say what we know; they are utter charlatans who have never, and will never, give us the proper respect we are due for winning nine titles in a row.

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