The Pre-Celtic Pity Party At Hamilton Is Boring Especially As We Never Got Any.

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A few times now this season, the Ibrox club came up against sides which were weakened by injury or suspension or both.

A few times this season we had to endure games against clubs where we were hampered by one, the other or both.

There was no pity on any of those occasions. Pity is reserved for Ibrox or any club which comes up against us. I recall Hamilton going there earlier in the season without a slew of players. Brian Rice said he would make do. The press didn’t either way.

They lost that one 8-0. I am betting they don’t lose by that margin tomorrow.

Hamilton are at home tomorrow on their ghastly plastic pitch, and yes they might be without a slew of players.

We might be without one or two players as well.

They want to try having a key member of their first team squad already out for months and facing even longer on the side-lines, like we’ve had to endure with James Forrest.

They want to try a major derby match without key players, through no fault of their own.

I don’t recall getting much pity or after the fact.

Now that one of these crises is affecting a team we’re coming up against, the whole country is singing “Woe Is Me.”

Forgive me if I don’t join in the chorus.

Hamilton will cope.

I am pretty of the run of luck we’ve had in this campaign through one means or another; this time the breaks are going for and most regular will understand if I’m chuffed about it.

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