The Record’s Piece Which Has Celtic’s McGregor Second To Glen Kamara Is Woeful.

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The Record has outdone itself tonight for meaningless trash dressed up as something more with a piece about Glen Kamara of the Ibrox NewCo tops the “pass completion league.”

It is a ridiculous piece which misses out numerous key performance indicators which might have changed the equation.

The central assertion, that Kamara is anywhere near McGregor’s level, is just pitiful.

This is a peculiar fantasy of the Ibrox supporting hacks, that somehow they have players who are the equal of ours.

It isn’t even close to being true. Our problems this season are of an entirely self-inflicted nature, and that has dragged down the overall level of our team. Worse, this has coincided with a period in which the Ibrox club is in on good form which makes the overall standard of theirs look way better than it is.

It simply is not accurate though.

Glen Kamara wouldn’t get on our subs bench.

That McGregor manages 77 passes per game to Kamara’s 68 should be telling.

Again, that would be expected to bring down his passing average ever so slightly.

That he can attain a 90% passing ratio at all considering that he’s been almost ever present in our starting eleven for four years straight is absolutely extraordinary.

Kamara doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same article, far less one that seeks to award him some phoney title as what The Record has ludicrously termed “pass master crown”; another trophy, as you can gather, which they’ve apparently won mid-season, before all the facts and the data are in.

Any top scout in Europe who’s watched both players would know instantly who the best of the two is. Instantly. The article itself credits McGregor as playing more “key passes” … with almost double the margin Kamara does.

If you’ve watched games that the Ibrox club has played this season there are a lot of teams who sit back against them and don’t even attempt to close them down; it’s easy to rack up high completion rates when everyone stands off you.

Honestly, The Record is good at finding absolutely dreck to churn out but this stuff really takes the piss. Comparing these two footballers isn’t apples and oranges; it’s, to paraphrase Walter White, it’s like comparing “some off brand generic Cola with Classic Coke.”

Kamara isn’t even the Sainsbury’s version.

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