This Renewed Whining Over Last Season’s Title Should Embarrass Celtic’s Rivals.

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The 2019-20 season will end this weekend. Formally. It will be brought to a close.

The league campaign ended months ago, and we were rightly declared champions.

Every club in the top flight voted in favour of that conclusion.

Every single one of them.

So why is one of those clubs still bitching and moaning like a kid who raided the fridge before the party and then moaned because there was no ice cream?

What exactly is their problem?

That the league season wasn’t completed? How many times must we say this; the league season was completed, as far as it was possible to do so.

This wasn’t a corrupt decision taken by a shady association. The Scottish Government didn’t allow the playing of professional sports for months.

The decision was 90% taken out of football’s hands.

Yes, the EPL completed their campaign, in bizarre fashion, but other leagues in England didn’t even bother.

Why would they?

Football clubs in England and elsewhere weren’t the ones moving this; it was TV companies who threatened to withhold tens of millions of pounds who did that, and that was the pattern all across the so-called “big leagues” of Europe.

This stuff is tiresome, having to go over it all again is tiresome.

There are two clubs who are unhappy about this – the one at Ibrox and the one at Tynecastle.

The rest indulged their whining and wailing over the course of the summer and although fireworks were promised what the rest of the game got was a damp squib, a dossier with less bite than a dead fish. They were both the architects of their own misfortune.

Celtic deserved the title. Nobody seriously disputes this.

The club doing all the moaning doesn’t even seriously dispute it.

Their directors wanted the season to be played to a close … well boo-hoo. I want more hair.

Celtic made its own position plain right from the start; our preference was to get the games played.

We weren’t campaigning for an early end, far from it.

These same folk made so much noise over the summer you’d have thought they had a suitcase nuke.

They were indulged and their nonsense entertained far longer than it ought to have been.

Instead, what they produced was described, by Celtic, as “embarrassing.”

It’s not even so much that their much vaunted “proof” didn’t nail anybody, it’s that the allegations appeared to be pitifully weak; the sort a character in Stephen King’s ‘Salems Lot memorably called “Suspicion Of Unknown Hanky-Panky.”

In short, these muppets don’t even really know what it is they are moaning about except that Celtic were declared champions and they didn’t like that outcome very much.

But I repeat; they voted for it just like everyone else, and all they are doing in denying that to their own fans is embarrassing themselves even further.

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