Gerrard Made To Look Like A Fool As His Club Accepts A Two Match Ban For Mad Dog.

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So the SFA finally grew a set and they have put Alfredo “Mad Dog” Morelos in the dock for his savage elbow against Dundee Utd at the weekend. La La Land has gone as La La as you might have expected, believing this to be harsh and the SFA to be against them.

But, incredibly, after the manager had mounted a full-throated defence of his player and denied that he used violent conduct, the club has over-ruled him and accepted the SFA’s offer of a two match ban.

I really only have one question; how come the ref on the day thought that this vicious assault only merited a yellow card?

That’s what the real question should be here, in much the same way as we were asking a month or so ago how a barbaric challenge from Motherwell’s Devante Cole only ended up with the same. He escaped further sanction.

Morelos deserved his day in front of the beaks, but I honestly do believe the ref is the one who should be taken to task.

He sees it, he knows what it is, but it’s so early in the game that he doesn’t show the card he should.

Does it win Dundee Utd a point to be playing against ten men for most of the match?

We’ll never know, but it was a close one over the 90 minutes with eleven against eleven.

Sevconia isn’t happy of course, but when are they ever?

Their contention tonight is that their player has had special treatment.

But then, I agree. Morelos always has had special treatment.

This is one of the few times he’s been pulled up for something after the ref “missed it” or chose not to act, and so all their wailing and moaning cuts no ice at all.

Morelos is no longer the force he was, so the impact on their club will be minor anyway.

Most of their fans tonight are moaning just because moaning is what they do best.

They are especially peeved off because Michael Gardyne didn’t cop a ban earlier in the week for an allegation that he made a homophobic remark to a Sevco player.

That story itself interested me for another reason; when you watch the TV footage you clearly see Gerrard approach the ref and claim he heard the abuse.

But he was a bit far away for that to be credible.

Indeed, after full-time, when he spoke to the press, he had changed his tune and he only heard what his players had told him.

Right there is where the disciplinary case against Gardyne was lost; the manager making a totally bogus claim to an officials face, which he later retracted on the telly.

Tonight Gerrard has been made to look like a mug by those inside his own club who have flatly contradicted his public comments about the incident.

In a week where it’s our board who look like the Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight you can at least say they are putting on a united front … what the Hell does this say about Gerrard’s control over events at Ibrox?

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