Another Celtic Player Tests Positive And The Media Instantly Starts The Blame Game.

Image for Another Celtic Player Tests Positive And The Media Instantly Starts The Blame Game.

Celtic’s season from Hell goes from bad to worse, as the club tonight confirms that we have another positive case of the bug.

The BBC, Sky and other outlets are already speculating that this was related to the Dubai trip.

No-one knows that and so their reportage is shocking.

It’s as if they couldn’t wait to link one with the other and get their crappy headline out.

What we know – know, as opposed to media speculation and tittle-tattle – is that the rest of the players are negative. If there are other players who now have to isolate the club has not yet, at this time, made that clear and we should all be careful until they do.

The media will run wild with this.

Our enemies will demand sanctions and inquiries … all the usual stuff that they do. Until we all have better information it’s best to simply report the facts as we know them to be and not indulge in anything else.

Bear in mind that we’re in the midst here of a global pandemic and that a new strain of this thing is creeping its way across Scotland and the rest of the UK. You can catch this thing anywhere and Scotland seems as likely a place to get it as any; those making the Dubai connection are simply trawling through the muck right now.

What’s apparent though is that this horrific season of ours shows no signs of improving.

We’re being smacked from all sides at the moment, from crises coming from multiple directions. No club in the country has been this consistently unlucky over the course of this campaign, what with injuries, virus cases and games called off.

Not to mention the occasional (I wish) self-inflicted wound.

When we think back on this campaign in years to come the odds are good that what we won’t remember it for is the football.

It’s giving us so many other things to focus the mind on.

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