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Celtic Fans Have The Greatest Respect For Charlie Adam … Oh Wait, No We Don’t.

Image for Celtic Fans Have The Greatest Respect For Charlie Adam … Oh Wait, No We Don’t.

Celtic fans have the greatest respect for the views of Charlie Adam.

And really, why shouldn’t we?

When you talk about the truly great players in football, Charlie Adam is up there with the best of them.

When it comes to the great minds in football, his is amongst the finest.

When it comes to presenting his views in an unbiased way, Charlie Adam is one of the paragons of virtue.

If you didn’t know which clubs he had played for you would never know it from the ones he chooses to criticise or that which he chooses to praise.

Charlie Adam is a genuine giant.

When he talks, we should listen.

When he says that Frimpong is not good enough and that our entire squad needs ripping up and starting again, we need to sit up and take notice.

Which is why we will.

Because Charlie Adam is a legend and someone who’s opinion is worth … oh man, I’m sorry. Honestly I am. I almost got to the end there. I was so close, but yeah, I laughed.

Of course I was kidding!

Charlie Adam is none of those things.

Charlie Adam is one of football’s ignorant corner boys, one of those John Terry types who would have been on the dole but for a modest talent with a ball.

He is a notorious pro-Ibrox nodding donkey whose opinions are tinged with bias. It is a rare day when he has anything good to say about us. His views are usually idiotic. His opinions rarely graduate about the playground level.

His opinion on Frimpong is ludicrous and plain wrong. If he cannot recognise that kid’s natural talent then it’s more than just bias talking, and he’s in the wrong game.

If he thinks the Celtic squad is bad and needs ripped to pieces he wants to look at the trophy cabinet from the last four campaigns, which is so straining under the weight of the silverware it needed titanium reinforcements.

I understand how he might not recognise it; his own favourite club is nine years old this year and has yet to win a single honour.

This kind of garbage is endemic in the media.

Our club has gone through a dreadful spell, and is most definitely in a period of regression.

But there has never been a problem with the overall quality of the playing squad.

Other areas of the club may have backslid but the strength of this team is a good as it has ever been, and the recent performance at Ibrox proved that when we show up with the right team system and the right attitude that we are more than a match for the Ibrox pretenders.

It is typical of the arrogant Ibrox attitude that they over-value their own side and underestimate ours.

It would only take the right coaching team to put this team back at peak performance again and then the Ibrox club will not be able to live with us for two minutes.

Adam is a pure fool, and his comments are ignorant trash.

The media that gives idiotic opinions like this acres of space would love for them to be more than just rambling nonsense.

The reality is that Adam doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

If this guy was alone with just a mirror to talk to, I reckon he’d still not be the smartest person in the room.

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