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Celtic Fans Know It Won’t Be Null And Void, But It’s Great To See Sevconia Panic.

Image for Celtic Fans Know It Won’t Be Null And Void, But It’s Great To See Sevconia Panic.

Yesterday produced one of those amazing moments in our game which made me laugh uproariously.

Neil Doncaster gave an interview in which he defended Celtic and then went on to say that he wasn’t ruling out the use of the null and void option if the league season comes to a premature close.

His apparent rationale is that we’re not at a point in the campaign where that would be acceptable to many people.

It’s a big enough story on its own, but then today the Scottish Government’s chief advisor on the bug refused to rule out suspending the sport.

Taken with what Doncaster said yesterday, these two little moments have merged into something that all of Sevconia is deeply suspicious about, and as a result they are also deeply scared of it.

Here’s a truism that I’ve stated before; if you decide to live in a fantasy you must always be careful of dragons.

Sevconia has indulged its mad reality for so long that they really do believe wholly in the construct, in the world they have created for themselves. Now, finally, here is the dragon. It doesn’t matter whether it exists or not – there is no chance of a null and void ending to this season – they believe in it absolutely and it terrifies them.

What they see through their eyes is a Scottish Government in league with Celtic, determined to bring the sport to an early end, and the governing bodies already scrambling to start laying the bricks for the biggest volte-face in football history; the sudden embrace of the idea they dismissed out of hand last season.

They think they see the writing on the wall.

Perhaps the most incredible thing about all this is that for it to be true, Celtic would have to be run by people of genuine Machiavellian genius, with the ability to juggle multiple plots at the same time. On some level they must know that this is ridiculous, yet at a time when we’ve stopped believing that our board posssesses any ability at all they are completely convinced that its tentacles reach into every corner of every major instution in the land.

They believe in our board even after we have concluded that they are a waste of space.

And this amuses me, and I have to admit it.

They believe last season’s end was a big plot to secure us nine in a row when they thought they might still catch us.

Why shouldn’t they believe that a similar plot, but the mirror image, is brewing now, when they don’t think we can catch them?

It has been a long time in the making, but finally all their deepest fears and hates about the country they think they live in have leapt into their hearts, fully formed.

I am thrilled and delighted by it.

I know the likelihood of us getting any sort of reprieve, no matter how undeserved, is essentially zero, but I love that they don’t realise it. I love how utterly fixed on this mad idea they are.

I love that they believe it all.

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