Celtic Is Actually Making Ibrox’s Latest Cynical Strategy Look Good.

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You have to hand it to the board at Ibrox; they know how to take advantage of a crisis, and even when it’s killing thousands of people they are perfectly content exploiting it as much as they think they can get away with.

The twin crises within our country and at Celtic Park have afforded them an opportunity and they aren’t going to pass it up.

Have you noticed them these past few weeks, as they suddenly start treating the virus as something more than a means to attack the SPFL? They offered their stadium. Gerrard started masking up. Now he’s in the press telling everyone how happy his club is with the procedures being put in place at all the other SPFL clubs.

This is the most shameful effort to exploit our difficulties over Dubai, and the worst of it is, Lennon’s comments and his continuing insistence that we did nothing wrong and that other clubs are lax in their preparations is playing right into Ibrox’s hands.

Their strategy is blatantly cynical, even shameful.

But they are getting away with it because of us. They are helped, of course, by a media which is determined to keep this controversy going, and especially in light of what the manager has said.

BBC Sport had the Scottish clinical director on today. Why?

Well the answer is surely obvious; the hacks wanted another discussion on Neil Lennon.

But Leitch refused to be drawn into that, and instead talked about football in the context of other industries.

This won’t stop the press from exploring other angles, and every time they do there will be someone at Ibrox waiting to pounce.

This is the club which committed the most serious breach of the regulations so far, but that’s all been forgotten.

It’s the club which opposed the shut-down last year and scandalously said that the league would only be valid if it was played in front of full stands. Does that mean that this title is invalid? Of course not.

They have no shame at that club.

They didn’t care about the public then and they don’t care now.

And we’re making this garbage look good.

We need to kill this story once and for all and move past it. Ibrox will have its crisis.

That’s inevitable, and oh what fun we’ll have.

Until then, the best we can do is stop them being able to exploit out own.

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