Celtic Is At The Centre Of A Storm Of Rumours Because We Won’t Act.

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This morning, E-Tims put up a thought provoking, and profoundly disturbing, piece which talks about how unprofessional we’ve become as a club. The thrust of the article involved rumours about what went on in Dubai; if these are even half true they reveal a dreadful breakdown in standards which is simply impossible to defend.

But as the article points out, even if this stuff isn’t accurate and just part of the continuous swirl of stories which we know are out there, that in itself has a destabilising effect.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all heard these sorts of lurid tales.

How many of them did you hear when Brendan Rodgers was at the club? The old adage about there being no smoke without fire exists for a reason and every urban myth can be traced to a real-life source.

There are things wrong behind the scenes at Celtic, things that are badly wrong.

Even if the more horrific stories aren’t true, if we’re dealing with a situation where even 10% of what you hear is on the money, then the need for change on that basis alone is clear.

The E-Tims writer is correct to say that we’re here because of the club’s inaction.

What do they expect when they leave everything hanging like this?

Fans have no information about what’s going on inside Celtic Park; they look at us right now and see a club frozen in place and time.

There have been no signings or sales.

We’ve dropped points in four out of four games since the turn of the year.

Yet stony silence is all we get out of Parkhead.

The old political adage about the media is that you either feed the beast or it feeds on you.

In the absence of news, in the absence of verifiable info out of the club, whispered stories and rumours are what the fans have left. Football supporters, more even than political junkies, have a voracious appetite for news.

The people running Celtic surely cannot believe that we can do another four months of this?

We’d be jeopardising not only next season but possibly even second place in this one.

I’ve written a lot about how we don’t really have a real challenger for that spot, but if we continue to regress all it will take is for Aberdeen to hit some kind of run and we’re in trouble.

Aberdeen are now within four points of us; we have the game in hand, sure, but it’s not difficult to see how a combination of a lame duck manager and players who are already unhappy results in further dropped points and a season in total freefall.

What’s worse is that the rumour factory never shuts down and those who work there never take days off. That thing runs 24-7-365. Some of what it spews out is toxic.

If the “review” comes back and the result of it is that we’re really sticking with what we’ve got until May, well we’d be priming a bomb under our own feet.

Because we are kidding ourselves to believe that this can end without a monumental detonation.

This is supposed to be “the week”.

The week where we decide what the Hell we’re doing.

There better be an answer at the end of this that doesn’t amount to “do nothing and hope for the best.”

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