Celtic Must Remove Neil Lennon Now, Or Jeopardise The Next Campaign.

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This cannot go on a second longer.

How many times have I written that in recent weeks and months?

Oh, a lot.

But if the writing isn’t on the wall in letters large enough to read from Mars then what’s it going to take? If we had any other person but Lennon in the dugout he wouldn’t still be in the dugout.

This has been untenable for months, but still it drags on.

Our club is in the grip of the deepest malaise I have known it to be in since the era of the White’s and the Kelly’s. The so-called leadership is spineless and paralysed. Their lack of vision is shockingly apparent.

We are in a steep tailspin with end in sight.

Still some cling on to loyalty to a manager who ought never to have had the gig and keeps it because for many people we don’t have a football club but a personality cult.

What do people still think we owe this guy and why?

What service has he done for us that is so great that we should all be forced to endure this humiliating saga?

When does he test this beyond the point where these people snap out of whatever fantasy it is they are clinging to?

I had a major argument with some folks I know a couple of weeks ago in which I said that arguing with them about Lennon is like arguing with the Brexiteers or the Trumpers.

They took offence to that. Too bad.

Even this week though at least one was still insisting that Lennon should get the “dignity” and the “respect” of time and space.

To do what? To realise the gig is up?

He knows the gig is up.

He hangs on out of utter selfishness, and because this is the best job he’ll ever get.

There is not one of them who can come up with a coherent, reasoned argument for giving Lennon more time. There is not one of them who can make a case that is built on anything other than sentimental pish and emotional claptrap.

None of it washes with the vast majority of the supporters who see Lawwell, Lennon and his coaching team sucking the life out of us like a vampire drinking the blood of a hapless victim.

There is no argument that will sway the Lennonites.

In their eyes he is a club legend whose dignity is now worth more than that of the club.

They are entitled to believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden as they like; what they do not have the right to do is to expect cars to turn off their engines as they go by, for dogs to be muzzled so that they do not bark, for the rest of us to tiptoe along so as not to disturb said fairies at play.

In short, they can indulge in their Lennon worship but they have no right to expect that the universe order itself around this aberration. Neil Lennon’s removal is an imperative for the sake of the club, for the sake of Celtic itself.

Only when he is gone can we even start to heal.

I’ll do an article on the game itself tomorrow.

For tonight I’m going to leave it at this. Lennon and his coaches have already wrecked this campaign. The longer they stay in post the greater the danger to the next one.

This has to end, and it has to end now.

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