Celtic Must Remove This Manager Before He Embarrasses This Club Further.

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The decision to give Lennon until January cost us the title.

The decision to give him until the end of January was insane and costs us more with every single day that passes.

That was humiliating today with my Bet365 offer in tatters, and especially Lennon’s performance where Substitution Roulette morphed into a form so brutal I don’t want to watch another second of it.

The decision, made at the start of December, to give this man more time was unbelievable folly.

All the chickens have come home to roost in this catastrophic month.

The Lennonites have been standing by their man. The club has continued to pretend this is tenable for reasons that defeat comprehension. But today it’s surely finished. He can’t survive that.

Not even this board, which has shown itself to be capable of mind-shredding incompetence, can support leaving him in place for one more minute.

I’ve written that so often this season I feel like I could do it in a dead-to-the-world sleep.

Just slip the keyboard into my hands and I’ll type those words as if I’m wide awake.

Today, though, is surely the last time I do.

There was nothing to redeem us today.

The performance was shocking.

Don’t even get me started on his changes which were recognisable only from watching first time players try to rescue a game in Football Manager. No professional coach would have left us with whatever that formation was at the end.

Lennon’s entire tactical plan revolves around “putting enough attacking players on the pitch and hope one of them conjures something up.”

That’s pub league football boss stuff, it does not belong at a club our size in the modern game.

If our board allows Lennon to stay beyond a brief discussion this evening in which he’s told to clean out his desk and his locker they are saying, in effect, that this level of incompetence, this scale of failure, is perfectly acceptable.

It doesn’t matter if there’s a replacement on hand or not.

It doesn’t matter if the alternative to Lennon is some reserve coach who’s never taken a first team game.

This is a farce now, and it’s time for this board to restore some pride and self-respect to this club by acting as they should have done months ago. The departure of Neil Lennon is inevitable … we all know this.

After today, his sacking is essential because only by dismissing him in the most public manner will our club be taken seriously again.

Anything less, anything else, simply heaps disgrace on top of humilation.

This cannot go on one minute more.

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