David Tanner Just Used The Deadly Virus To Have A Shocking Dig At Celtic.

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The “journalist” David Tanner – what a joke that phrase is – has just tweeted a disgusting snark at our club on social media.

Yes, he has used the opportunity afforded him by a deadly virus to negatively contrast our club with the one at Ibrox.

Apparently, there is low and then there is David Tanner.

Tanner is not a real journalist of course.

This is a man who is not considered good enough for Sky Sports Scotland – who employ Kris Boyd. He has retreated to the fringes, where he tries to be controversial and thus find his way back into the bright lights.

Tonight’s post is about Dubai, of course.

But he doesn’t know – because none of us knows – if the Celtic player who tested positive is anything to do with Dubai.

There is no expression of sympathy for this footballer, nothing to wish him well or hope him a swift recovery.

Because none of that was foremost in Tanner’s tiny mind when he sniffed an opportunity here.

On top of that, what is Gerrard doing with a mask on, now?

How many times has this guy been interviewed on the telly in the last year? How many times has he worn a mask?

None I’d wager. I’ve certainly never seen him do this in front of the cameras.

This is Gerrard having a cheap dig – standing on the sick and the dead – and Tanner joining in like a schoolyard yob who’s noticed a bully slapping another kid and has jumped in for his own shot.

It’s ring and run. It’s gutless and pathetic from the pair of them.

Do these Peepul have no shame whatsoever? Is this their level?

What a mob they are. Even riding high they still have to aim low, for the gutter.

Celtic apparently has a good relationship with Tanner, as we have good relationships with a lot of other guttersnipes who exist to shoot at us. Why? Why do we tolerate it? If we cut Tanner off at the knees that restricts further the shreds he’s hanging onto of his career, and we should because this tonight is one of the cheapest of cheap shots.

What an odious little man he is.

A nobody dreaming of being a somebody, and who will do anything to claw his way into the headlines, and tonight at Celtic’s expense.

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