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Edouard’s Change Of Agent Does Not Meant He’s Leaving Celtic This Month.

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The press is enjoying the news that Odsonne Edouard has changed his agent, and seems to be reading some major significance into the fact that he’s now got himself top English based representation.

In truth, nothing has really changed here in the ways that matter.

Edouard is a Celtic player. He will still be a Celtic player when this window closes.

The change of agent is clearly designed to get him the move he wants in the summer, but even under his old representation we all assumed that was going to happen anyway.

Eddie has been offered a new deal at Celtic, something that will protect us and protect him.

There will be a minimum release clause in the deal. He hasn’t signed it.

Perhaps his new agent will recommend that he do that; it will mean more money for him in the here and now and it will give him a guarantee of being allowed to leave the moment the right offer is submitted.

This might have a positive effect on the player and Celtic; what it does not do, what it absolutely does not do, is suggest that he’s about to start pushing for an immediate move.

The media knows it, and so I have to assume that some of their headlines and hints as to what this might mean are deliberate attempts to stir the soup. They can’t be anything else.

Celtic has made the position clear, via Neil Lennon; he has spoken about this in a way that contains no equivocation.

Nobody will be leaving in this window.

The club intends to bring in some players in a number of key positions.

The top players have all had a sit-down with the manager and there has been some clearing of the air … the decisions have been made.

Don’t believe a word of the speculation that links our players with moves away this month.

Can you even imagine the reaction of the fans if we were leaving Lennon in place on the proviso that we still had a chance in this title race and then started flogging the players who are the key to one?

All I’d ask is that Celtic fans use their common sense when they see this stuff.

Our club might treat us like mugs at times, but they understand that developments like that will spark the kind of outrage that would torch the prospect of season ticket sales for the next campaign.

Edouard changing his agent is not a major development, except for the player.

He’s done well for himself in improving his representation and assured that when the big move comes he will get every available penny and concession out of the next club he signs for … that doesn’t impact on us in any way, shape or form.

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