If Even Andy Walker Can See The Risks Celtic Is Taking, Why Can’t Our Board?

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I cannot stand Andy Walker, and so one of the things that freaks me out most about the last few weeks is how much I’ve found myself agreeing with him on the calamitous state of our season.

I would really like all this to be over soon, and part of that is feeling queasy about how close my opinions run to those of someone like him.

On a serious note, they do say that even a broken clock is right twice a day and that might well be all this is.

Yet his assessment of the state we are in is much more on the nose than something he just lucked into.

Walker is usually so critical of Celtic on so many fronts that it’s like throwing darts at a board; some will hit and some will miss.

Recently, his aim has been dead on. It is really disconcerting.

He knows that we’re dragging our feet on a decision over Lennon. He knows that our transfer policy looks shambolic. Our team building plan looks disastrous.

He is correct to point out that we look like a club reacting to events in a funk, without a coherent strategy, although it’s been painfully obvious for quite some time that we might have big choices to make.

What’s damning about Walker’s words is that they have come from Andy Walker.

I regard him as one of the stupidest men in sports journalism.

I don’t think an original thought has ever popped into his head.

Yet he can see this with total, laser-beam clarity.

Not only are the mistakes we’ve made clear to him, but the risks we continue to take are obvious, even to someone with as few IQ points as this guy. Yet our club continues to pretend that things are normal and that we can continue as we are.

But when someone like Walker can see this you wonder how people inside Parkhead cannot.

He knows that the time for action is now and that to delay, to wait, to cling to false hope, is lunacy and makes it all the more likely that next season will be a disaster too.

That risk is real.

It is so readily apparent that one of our dumbest commentators is able to recognise it and write about it.

Can our “leaders” really be stupider than Andy Walker? 

When their latest gamble unravels, our directors will not be spared the inquest, and nor should they be.

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