Jeff Sterling Told The Truth Yesterday. Celtic Fans Must Stop Looking For Enemies.

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I see a buzz of anger going through some in the Celtic online community because Sky Sports News’ Jeff Sterling made some remarks yesterday when he was reading out the score from Ibrox.

Discussing Celtic’s games in hand, he described them as “irrelevant” in the context of their lead over us and the likliehood of their winning the title.

I find the criticisms of him odd, because that guy isn’t an enemy of Celtic; he does a high pressure job where he has to think fast and talk fast. He looked at the league table up here and the shambles of our club and his brain automatically concluded that it’s over.

You know what? I’ve looked at the same things and come to the same conclusion.

The games in hand are an irrelevancy now.

I was done thinking we still had a chance the moment the board gave Lennon until January.

Anyone who still harbours hope should extinguish it for their own good. Nobody inside Celtic believes we will win it either I’d wager, no matter what psycho-babble they come out with when sitting in front of the media.

To me, the best thing we can all do is let this one go.

The title is going to Ibrox.

Later on I’ll tell you why it might not reside there for very long and why their club might even wind up in another crisis like the ones before, only worse.

It matters not to the here and now; in the here and now we’ve lost the opportunity to win ten in a row.

It’s only after you accept it that you can begin the task of moving past it.

It’s only when you’ve admitted that it’s over that you can start thinking about the future.

Jeff Sterling was right yesterday; the two problem some have with his comments is that they are still clinging to an unhealthy hope and, to use a phrase from the Cold War era, they are seeing “reds under the bed.”

They should stop with both of those things.

Our club has enemies. They exist.

We don’t have to look for them, far less invent them.

And we shouldn’t be slagging a guy who means us no ill will simply because he told a truth some don’t want to face.

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