Lawwell Talks About The Morals Of Our Club And Then Celtic Furlough The Kids.

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One day, someone will do a thesis on this season.

If it gets publish I reckon it will sell well, especially to business and public relations students who want a sterling example of how not to behave in a landmark year, with a lot riding on it.

“Anatomy of a disaster” would be a nice name for it.

Because this campaign has shown that our board has an unerring ability to make mistakes in the PR area.

One after the other. Time after time.

It’s got to the point where it is starting to look almost perverse, like an attempt at self-sabotage.

How else do you explain some of it?

Can these people really be Just This Bad?

Or are they trolling all of Scotland?

Is this a subterfuge?

Will they suddenly reveal, to a stunned populace, that there was a plan after all? Are they going to unveil something of such genius that nobody is in the slightest doubt that we’re dealing with bona fide tactical and strategic masterminds?

The whole of this campaign has been characterised by dreadful mistakes, and today we announced that we’re furloughing the Under 18 team, in a development so ridiculous – and horrific – you could not have made it up.

How much did Dubai cost the club, financially?

It had to be the better part of £200,000 … and we respond, just days later, by taking money off the kids?

Lawwell actually sat last night and talked about the morality of our club and how its guiding principles are still intact; well how come we look like absolute shit, once again?

How come we have our own supporters screaming about the obvious disconnect between what we say and what we do? The current board can’t spell the word moral far less understand what it means.

I simply cannot believe the utter callousness of this move even as we defend the Dubai trip. If the club really does have to make economies, should we expect to see them cancel executive bonuses for the year?

I know directors of companies who have done that to avoid lay-offs or furloughing.

But that’s too much to ask at Celtic Park.

How about the players taking a cut in their win bonuses?

Although there’s an argument for wondering how much that would actually save at the moment.

To announce this, now, when the flames of the Dubai conflagration are still stripping the paint off the walls makes the club appear indifferent to criticism for what they do and uncaring as to the consequences of its actions, which is even worse.

Lots of us don’t even recognise our club anymore.

But those of us who’ve spent time in politics certainly recognise the board of directors and what they’re doing here. This is standard right wing economics; protect those at the top by taking from those at the bottom.

It is scandalous and it is shameful to see that being practised by Celtic.

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