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Lawwell’s Departure Acknowledges Celtic’s Failure. Changing The Manager Starts Fixing It.

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This is my first article in a while.

Lawwell’s announcement today marks the end of an era, and acknowledges that our club has made mistakes.

When it’s transfer time I am usually busy writing pieces for this site but there didn’t seem to be much point because I knew that most of the month would be spent on other matters and that transfers were a low priority for everyone at the club.

The extent of the failure is such that bringing players in was pointless.

The doubts over the manager meant that signings weren’t even particularly wise. I disagree with James on Frimpong; I thought it was good business. I also think others should have followed him.

The impending departure of the CEO is good news for the club.

Lawwell has been a negative presence at the club for a number of years. He was holding us back. His lack of original thinking resulted in his making poor decisions, including the hiring of Lennon.

I have to say, I’m surprised that the Lawwell issue has been settled when the Lennon issue remains pressing and current. I thought that the CEO would certainly go, but only after he had dealt with the situation regarding the manager.

It’s almost as if the club thinks one blood sacrifice will satisfy us; surely they cannot be that slow on the uptake though?

No-one would have settled for Lennon alone taking the long walk to the executioner’s block. Why should anyone believe we’ll settle for Lawwell going whilst he remains?

A collective failure should end in a collective reckoning.

If Lennon and his backroom team go along with Lawwell I will still think others inside Parkhead have had a lucky escape.

But as James has pointed out, Lawwell has been at the club way too long and through too many crises and Lennon himself is on his third and surely his last.

No-one cares what Bankier does, but Desmond might deserve one last chance to put things right.

The CEO and the manager had used theirs up.

Seeing Lennon sitting at his press conference today was profoundly disconcerting.

Listening to him talk was like watching someone in a psychiatric unit give a very convincing speech on why La Grande Armée has one last chance to take Moscow before the snows fall.

Lennon seems so removed from the reality of his situation that I am honestly worried for him.

But I am worried for the club too, because I believe that Lennon’s removal is necessary if we are to move forward, and I am very much of the view that it should happen sooner rather than later.

Lawwell might get away with deferring his departure until June but the managerial situation has to be in hand well before then, and the new man given every chance to succeed.

I wonder whether Lennon knows more than he’s saying.

I wonder if he’s fully “in the loop”.

Because he isn’t dealing well with all the doubts and uncertainty and neither are we.

For the good of all involved this should be brought to as swift a close as possible.

The Rumour Guy is a Celtic fan and blogger from Glasgow.

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