The Final Dubai Bill Comes Due For Celtic And Still Folk Cling Onto Their Positions.

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There is no corporate culture – none – and I include football in this, where a calamity like the Dubai trip would not already have cost someone their job.

That we still await a definitive judgement and the consequences for who was to blame for it, instead of a mealy mouthed half apology which was more invested in firefighting than contrition, is outrageous.

The final bill for the trip came due today when we dropped two more points in this failed league campaign.

That’s four out of six since our return. It’s seven out of nine dropped since 2021 kicked off.

It’s a disaster, and nothing the club says or does will make up for it.

Nothing the club says or does will make it right.

This league race might have been over when we failed to act on Lennon in November, but the way it has collapsed on us is remarkable.

Excuses will be made for that insipid, bloodless display today but really, whoever makes them is taking us all for mugs. We had a first team defence and the best of our midfield save for Ryan Christie. Sure, we were missing any of our available strikers but I wonder what good they would have done on a day when everything was laboured and much too slow.

Too many times this season we’ve fallen back on whatever justifications seemed to be available to us, and thanks to the manager I think we’ve heard them all. They are all garbage.

The truth is that this club isn’t performing right now at any level.

It appears to have no standards left to speak of.

Even with just minutes left on the clock this afternoon, players were playing the ball from side to side and backwards. Every ball launched into our box, a Livingston player got a head on it.

We learn nothing. We’ve evolved in reverse.

So the trip that was supposed to return us to form, which was supposed to bring us back refreshed and confident and ready for the last half of the campaign, has shattered the club instead.

If this were any other business heads would have rolled already.

The PR side of it was awful. The justifications have been disgraceful. The consequences have been catastrophic.

And still people inside Celtic Park think they can brass neck this out, and they are protected by utter charlatans who would rather watch our club burn than admit their own mistakes.

Our club is run on the basis of machismo, ego and arrogance run wild.

That those inside it haven’t yet reckoned with the scale of this disaster is damning to all of them.

Celtic fans are aghast at the state of our club this evening, and at the attitudes of those running it. That any of them believe they can spin their way through this or ride it out is almost unbelievable.

They must think we are absolute fools, the lot of us.

We play again in midweek.

I do not expect that a single thing will be different except that our self-isolating players will be back.

We are halfway through the transfer window which should have been overseen by a new manager, with a new plan, and so the last opportunity we had has been squandered just as the league race has been.

It is a flat-out disgrace where we find ourselves tonight; an historic campaign has collapsed around us and those responsible for it refuse to accept any part in it, or to do the right thing by our club.

Do not try to tell me these men care about Celtic.

They are putting themselves first as they have for a long, long time.

That’s how we got here in the first place.

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