Who Are Hibs Trying To Kid With This No-Show For Celtic Park Garbage?

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Sky Sports News Scotland says that Hibs are speaking to their players about whether or not they feel comfortable travelling to Celtic Park tonight. Other outlets suggest that they lobbied the SFA and SPFL and were told to bolt.

If you thought that things hadn’t quite gotten hysterical up until now, well welcome, finally, to the point of psychosis.

I don’t know what discussions were going on at Easter Road or anywhere else, but one player at Celtic has tested positive.

One. Not half a dozen. One.

This isn’t a mass outbreak.

Celtic Park is not Plague Central, so I’d suggest that Hibs are more in fear of losing against a skeletal Parkhead side than they are concerned about anyone at their club getting sick.

I say, if Hibs feel that strongly about it, let them take such a stance, on a point of principle.

Allow half their team to stay at home, weakening them as we’re weak at the moment, instead of coming with all guns blazing and taking advantage of our current situation.

Sell that to their own supporters in the morning.

Better yet, let them refuse to travel to Celtic Park.

Let them continue to lobby the SFA for a postponement or whatever other language they want to use. Failing the outcome they want, let’s support them if they decide to forfeit the game which we’re ready and willing to play, and award us the points and the 3-0 win.

Otherwise this is just posturing and preening for the cameras.

It’s playing to their own gallery.

It’s having a dig for the sake of one.

It’s not principled, it’s not about safety, I wouldn’t imagine it’s something anyone at Hibs is even remotely considering … so the leak to the press is just an attempt to kick us whilst we’re down.

It’s a bluff and we don’t even have to call it.

We’re ready for the match, and if they want to play little games or pretend they’re being hard done by because they have to fulfil a fixture against our third string team then so be it.

You know, we’ll tolerate a lot because we deserve to take flak and even a bit of a kicking over this situation, but who are Hibs trying to kid here with this little show for Scotland?

This is total bollocks and we don’t have to take that.

You know what? They’ve actually got me in the mood for the game with this garbage.

Let’s do this mob tonight, Celtic. Let’s really go through them.

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