Police Scotland’s “Statement” On The Sectarian Abuse Of Celtic Players Is Weak And Pitiful.

Image for Police Scotland’s “Statement” On The Sectarian Abuse Of Celtic Players Is Weak And Pitiful.

Celtic released a mini-statement tonight urging Police Scotland and the authorities to take action in relation to the bile and abuse that was hurled at our players on their way into Ibrox at the weekend.

“We have raised this issue with Police Scotland and they have confirmed they are investigating the matter. Clearly we would hope that all efforts are made to identify those responsible and for all appropriate action to be taken,” said the statement.

Police Scotland are “investigating the matter.”

Wow. Really?

Because there didn’t seem to be a lot of “investigating” going on in the videos I’ve watched of the incident.

Those videos beg the question; how does policing in Scotland work exactly? They watch crimes being committed and then wait a week before they make arrests?

If you’re ever getting violently attacked in this country and you see the police van pull up, don’t expect to be saved.

They’ll watch the beating go down, call you an ambulance and take care of the matter, if they ever do, in their own sweet time.

That’s the only conclusion that can be drawn from the way they stood there on Saturday and allowed Covid regulations to be broken with abandon and for racist and sectarian abuse to be hurled at our footballers by masked up neds.

Whilst we’re on that, how exactly are you supposed to find and arrest said masked up neds after the fact?

Exactly what evidence can you produce against those people in court?

Police Scotland’s response to that incident, both at the time and since, has been shockingly weak and lax. They casually allowed it to happen. The people responsible were standing as close to them as I am to the computer screen where I’m watching these words appear as I type; they could have reached out and scooped them up like shite off a pavement.

But we should be grateful because tonight they are looking into it?

I am sure that is a great comfort to everyone at Celtic Park who had to walk that gauntlet.

And before anyone starts, there is no comparison whatsoever between our own supporters peacefully protesting outside our ground and scum shouting sectarian slogans and chanting bigoted dirge.

One was born of frustration and an outpouring of anger.

This was just naked hatred, and that’s what makes it illegal, that’s what made it criminal and that’s why those police shouldn’t have just stood back and watched it but waded in there and made arrests.

What’s worse, of course, is that these creatures did this on the day that our entire club paid tribute to the dead of the Ibrox disaster; there is a sickness in their support that simply will not fade away.

It is shameful and disgusting.

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