£5 Million No Longer Sounds Like A Bargain For Celtic’s Current Loanee.

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If someone had asked me a year ago if I thought that Celtic should consider spending £5 million on Mo Elyounoussi I’d have looked at them like they were mad. Back then it seemed like a no-brainer.

I would have written the cheque myself, in two seconds flat. (It would have bounced, of course, but the player would already have been at Parkhead … a little Sevconomics there.)

But here we are, a year on, and the idea no longer sounds quite as appealing.

Indeed, it sounds now to be pretty ridiculous and a waste of money.

Elyounoussi simply hasn’t done it enough.

Although he’s a fantastic talent and a great player on his day, those days are too seldom and few and far between.

Some of it you can blame on Lennon, for not giving this guy a settled role, for moving him around the pitch like a bad player testing chess strategies, but there are times when he just looks lost.

A guy with his natural talents should have nailed down one position and made himself indispensable there. He hasn’t done it, which is one of the reasons Lennon finds it so easy to shift him hither, thither and yon all the time.

It’s possible, of course it is, that a better manager than Lennon would get a tune out of this guy, as he’s failed to find something in more than a few players at the club, but we at least know Christie is more than the hit-and-hope merchant Lennon has turned him into and that Callum McGregor is one of our best goal-scorers from midfield when played in the role role.

With Elyounoussi, we can only go with what we’ve seen already and to be blunt it just isn’t enough.

In last night’s big article, I talked about the massive rebuilding job in front of us … we are going to need to be careful with every penny we spend.

£5 million is too much to take a punt on, and that’s what it would be.

There have to be better options out there for that kind of money.

A year ago I’d not have believed I would say that.

I’ve watched him more.

It would be a mistake to pay that for him now.

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