Andy Walker Is Back To Talking Absolute Garbage About Celtic.

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Andy Walker speaks and the world listens. Not quite.

Andy Walker speaks and everyone within earshot rolls their eyes and thinks “Not this eejit again …”

When I wrote about him in the context of the “broken clock” I said that the mark of a true example of that theorem is that the person in question talks nonsense the whole rest of the time.

Today Walker has offered us a wonderful case in point talking about Edouard.

He thinks Celtic would do business at a mere £15 million.

If our current CEO and the guy who’ll be taking his place are even remotely on the same wavelength over market valuations of our players that’s a number that won’t even get them to lift the phone.

Clubs around Europe are scrambling for bargains; that doesn’t mean that we have to serve one up to them on a silver plate.

If clubs want to go and try and find a better player than Edouard beyond that price they are welcome to try; go and raid the English Championship or the bottom half of the EPL for an over-paid, over-valued nobody … like Ollie McBurnie if you want an example off the top of my head. Good luck getting value for money there.

Anything over £20 million gets us talk; below that figure I’d say clubs would just be wasting their time.

Walker knows this. He ought to know it.

We’re not going to rebuild a team on £15 million … it’s going to take a lot more than that, and so if we’re doing business on Eddie it’s going to be well in excess of that sort of number.

Walker is an absolute goon. There is a difference between “holding out” for a ridiculous valuation, which is the strategy across town, or refusing anything that comes under the fair market value.

Frankly, if Eddie scores the goals that get us into the Champions League he’s justified keeping even if we have to sell him for a knockdown fee in January next year.

Along with this nonsense he’s got Albian Ajeti leaving, and Leigh Griffiths with him.

He clearly thinks we should be looking to replace the entire strike-force.

With what, after we’ve punted Edouard for what amounts to a nominal fee? Milky Bar Buttons?

Our press is amongst the most moronic in the whole of the game.

They see a certain other club throwing around money like confetti and going cap in hand to directors and fans and think that’s the way we ought to be behaving; we have never done that and we never will.

We’re in the middle of a goddamned global pandemic and this clown thinks we have money to burn and what we don’t have to burn we should burn anyway.

The rebuilding job will be big enough and hard enough without Andy Walker Economics.

Thank God people like this are far removed from the thinking inside Parkhead.

It’s like a said about him the other day; Walker had found some sudden wisdom in his criticisms of our directors, he was throwing darts at a board and a couple found the right mark.

This guy is and always will be a prize idiot.

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