Brown Cleared But Ajeti Cited For Diving? Celtic Needs To Raise Hell Over This.

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Scott Brown has been cleared in relation to the media-inspired witch hunt launched against him in midweek, but Albian Ajeti has been cited by the SFA for diving to win the penalty.

That decision is a joke.

How three “former officials” didn’t believe that his going down was legit I really do not know. T

he whole system at the SFA is a complete farce.

None of us even knew that Ajeti had been cited.

Why does this one stink so much?

Why does it feel like an artificial charge, tacked on to appease the wailers and whiners at a certain club and their pals in the media because our captain has no case to answer?

It will be bloody fascinating to see how this one is spun.

It will be really interesting to see what Celtic does in response to it.

Other clubs don’t have a problem in expressing their frustration, even when they are accepting the SFA verdicts … ours is too mute for its own good. This is a chance for us to go on the offensive for once, and we should grab it.

This decision is a flat-out outrage.

We don’t even have to look too far to see the appalling double standards of it.

Let’s take the incident at Easter Road a week or so back, when a Hibs player went down under a shove from an Ibrox defender.

If Ajeti dived to win a penalty then he surely dived in an effort to win one, yes?

No, because that would have meant looking at an incident where the referee should have awarded a spot kick and didn’t, and nobody wants to pry too much into that game or anything that happened in it, in much the same way as last night’s latest example of Ibrox thuggery is being downplayed today.

Brown got off because there was no case to answer, but the SFA is so petrified of certain other people in the game that they had to find something to do us with, and this is the ridiculous charge they’ve come up with.

Are we going to accept it? I would suggest not.

What a joke the so-called “governing bodies” are folks, and the joke will be on us if we don’t finally opt to do more than just moan after the fact.

There is a window here for us to propose real reform and you cannot say that the game does not need it.

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