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Celtic And Aberdeen Fans Are Asking The Same Thing; “How Much More Of This?”

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He’s “up for the fight” he says, as if putting on a brave front made you a better manager.

He’s also professing his loyalty to the team, which is just his way of asking for some from the club which he claims that he loves.

He doesn’t understand why the fans want his head, because he’s a trophy winner.

He blames his players for not doing enough.

He has questioned their mentality and their will to win.

He’s not yet suggested they might be “tired of winning”.

But it’s in the post, because Derek McInnes seems to be going through Lennon’s Big Book Of Excuses And Appeals To Sentimentality one cliché at a time.

Celtic would be in real, real trouble if someone better than him was in charge at Aberdeen.

I don’t know what our plans are at the moment, but it’s abysmal that we haven’t moved past Lennon already and given the next manager his best chance to succeed.

Aberdeen have been flirting with disaster for years.

Theirs is a club accustomed to living with this form of mediocrity.

But both clubs are guilty of fear and lack of ambition.

Both these men have clung onto their jobs because their clubs are plainly afraid of facing the question as to who replaces them.

But supporters of Aberdeen and Celtic are right to be asking the same questions of their board; if not now, when?

If this season of disasters isn’t enough for you, then what’s it going to take?

These are proud football institutions.

It is a terrible to see them run by such cowards and in the hands of such mediocre bosses.

Lennon, at least, has a treble to his name … McInnes has been at Pittodrie way too long for any good he has been doing.

Our manager got a win today, his second in a row.

Aberdeen are reeling from having won just two in their last ten, and aren’t just four without a win but are four without a goal.

Their January was just as catastrophic as ours; their February has started much worse.

As was, and is, the case with Lennon there are a lot of media personalities popping up to say that they hope Aberdeen don’t act rashly; this goes to show what an insular, chummy, little bubble football really is, and the fans aren’t included in it.

Failure is tolerable for these people as long as it’s one of their mates failing and they aren’t the ones who are paying for season tickets.

It was bad enough for Dons fans when Stewart Milne was in charge; now they have, literally, an absentee landlord just like us.

He appears oblivious as to how bad McInnes is doing, but I don’t think it will be long before he snaps.

Indeed, Aberdeen may be rid of their failed manager before we’re rid of ours.

They will join the half dozen other clubs in the country who, by our definition, are prone to “knee jerk reactions.”

The longer it goes on, the more you get the impression that some chairmen are just happy to be in their seats; the responsibilities that go with them hardly seem to matter.

Others, however, take those responsibilities more seriously … and act.

You may call them crazy, but this is football. The alternative is living game by game, one match at a time, a dreadful limbo two of the three clubs chasing second place appear unable to escape from.

The third, Hibs, are on their fifth boss in five years if you’re including Eddie May.

What may look like instability is simply a club that will not settle until it gets the decision right.

And that, looking at the league table, is what they might just have done.

Ourselves and the Aberdeen fans are still waiting for our mercy killings.

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