Celtic Must Consider Media Sanctions After Boyd’s Latest Remarks.

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Just the other day, I did a piece on Kris Boyd in which I said that his place on Sky Sport Scotland was an embarrassment to that company.

Today he’s talking the kind of nonsense which confirms that view but actually goes much further; these comments are detrimental to our game, and a slander against our supporters.

If Boyd were still a player, this is the kind of thing that would have him up in front of the compliance officer, for bringing the sport into disrepute. As far as I’m concerned, his employers are mugs for continuing to pay this clown.

His latest comments, in his dog-shit column in a downmarket bog-roll rag, are a disgrace.

They are profoundly anti-Celtic, and our club must not accept them.

“If (Ibrox) and Celtic were neck and neck in a title race I’d fear for the lives of Scotland’s refs. If this ten-in-a-row season hinged on the whistlers’ decisions every week I worry they would be in danger and one of them might even be seriously harmed,” he said.

And just in case you think that’s not directly related to us but might even be a reference which includes the Ibrox supporters, he went out of his way to clarify it.

“It’s just as well for them Gers are strolling the Premiership and will win the league at a canter. Can you imagine if Celtic were within a point or two?”

Is it just me or is he suggesting that our fans would be attacking officials?

You know what?

We tolerate a lot from the press, and there are times when I’m willing to give Celtic the benefit of the doubt even when I think they don’t act on blatant provocation.

But if we’re allowing a slander like that against our supporters, and comments which present the Scottish game itself as some lawless banana republic, that’s a step too far.

When is our club going to grab this by the balls?

Ban this rag from our ground as long as he works there, and then go further; ban it from the ground until his ancestors do and when they turn up for their first day on the job conduct a “review” (take your time) and then ban it from the ground again.

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