Celtic’s Board Needs To Come Clean And Stop Lying To The Fans.

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Trust is everything. So many people underestimate it. The role it plays in every relationship we have in our lives is not just important, it’s critical. Critical.

When it’s gone those relationships are gone as well, collapsing like a house of cards.

Even if there’s still love, no relationship can survive a complete loss of trust. It takes too long to build, and a lot of times people don’t even want to try again.

Celtic is built on trust. I’m not sure the board has realised that.

They have no idea the peril they are putting the club in at the moment, because those bonds of trust are being chewed away.

We have a momentous rebuilding job to do, and that job can’t even get started at the moment because we are stuck in the mud in so many different areas.

A new manager should have been appointed months ago, to start that job.

This board claims it hasn’t even decided if it wants to sack the current manager yet despite that being the overwhelming wish of the fans.

To go against the vast majority of the supporters would be astonishingly reckless, so most people believe Lennon will eventually be told when he’s going, if he hasn’t been already, and that will bring this farce to an end.

I think Lennon will get another year; I think that decision has already been made.

That’s why I don’t trust any of those who run Celtic.

The press is full of talk of Lennon’s rebuilding plan already being underway.

Is that true? I think it probably is true, unfortunately, because although the job definitely needs to be underway soon, I firmly believe it would be a disaster to let him oversee it.

But forget signings happening anytime soon.

I have no doubt that we’ve sounded out the likes of Robbie Brady and others on pre-contract deals, but there is no way you’ll see any of them concluded in the immediate future because that comes awfully close to the board admitting to us that in fact the whole review thing is a charade and we’re being lied to.

It’s not just that everything is in hold until the “review is completed”, it’s that it’s on hold until the board actually comes right out and tells us what they’ve decided.

It is a shameful policy, clearly dangerous our hopes of us mounting a recovery next year. We have European qualifiers to think about … the board seems nonchalant about that although we are running out of time to prepare for them.

I suspect they are dragging this out so they can present Lennon as the only “safe” option.

He “knows the team and he knows what needs strengthening” and they’ll tell us how they can’t take a risk by bringing in someone new, as if Lennon isn’t a risk himself.

I’ve resigned myself to it.

They need to stop lying to us about this, admit what they’ve decided to do and accept that there will be consequences that go with that decision.

Then at least the rebuilding job can start, even if I believe it will doom to us to at least another season of utter failure.

What’s at stake here is the last vestige of trust.

If you level with people you will get some modicum of respect from them, even if they disagree.

If you continuously bullshit people you are going to draw nothing but their justified contempt.

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