Celtic’s Failure To Land Davies Sounds Worse The More You Learn About It.

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The more you learn about Celtic’s failure to land Ben Davies, the more you understand that Celtic, as run by Peter Lawwell, is a club that makes life as difficult as it possibly can for itself.

At every turn in this saga the embarrassment grows. This club messed that up royally.

The latest revelations, which we found out about at the weekend, add more fuel to the fire and make us look amateurish at best.

Why would we insert a “break clause” into the contract offer in case the player was injured?

Injuries happen in football.

Our medical team can presumably be trusted to give someone a once-over to make sure there aren’t long term concerns. Preston’s medical team are presumably up to par as well and could have given us whatever assurances we needed.

It’s almost as if we were going out of our way to sabotage the deal before it was even signed.

The player himself would have had no security whatsoever.

He would have known that Celtic could pull the plug and that would be it; not only would the deal with us have collapsed but it would have collapsed because he had injury issues.

Celtic said so.

Think that wouldn’t have impacted on his ability to attract other bids?

We were asking a lot here, I reckon.

More than we should have.

And whilst we’re on the subject, if there were concerns inside Celtic Park that this guy’s fitness might be sketchy, why in Hell was he ever on our list of targets in the first place, far less at the top of it?

Who in God’s name put that together?

This deal is in the past now.

It’s not worth getting into a major strop about.

But it’s another example of how disjointed and disorganised the thinking and actions of those at Parkhead have become.

We are an absolute shambles at the moment and two wins in a row don’t come close to addressing the very real concerns which every one of us share.

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