Celtic’s SLO Is A Good Guy Being Hung On To Dry By His Bosses.

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I see that John Paul Taylor is taking a bit of stick online.

As the supporter liasion officer he is always in the firing line, but that must be really tough right now.

He was the individual who promised that the January Review was due to report last week – which made sense as February starts today.

But with nothing in the wind, and no sign of it on the horizon, fans are naturally getting worried, especially as Lennon seems to believe he is free to plan for the summer.

So John Paul has been getting an increasing amount of stick about this, and I think that’s blatantly unfair. He told us the January Review was written in stone.

It made sense that we’d know the results of it by the time that month ended.

Really, what’s there to decide anyway?

Any rational organisation run by professionals and not over-emotional charlatans would have been able to decide this issue with one look at the league table. The longer it drags on the more you get the impression that the board that has made up its mind not to act and is putting off the reckoning which comes with that.

Those blaming John Paul Taylor for his bosses’ abject failures are barking up the wrong tree.

You can tell from some of his replies that this guy feels the same frustration and even anger that the rest of us do.

He is behaving professionally, which is more than those above him are.

He is facing the supporters every single day, which the rest of them refuse to do.

Have you ever seen a more gutless pack of chancers as this board we have right here?

Paralysed by crisis, unable to cobble together anything that even looks like a plan, lurching from one PR disaster to another … I am amazed that Taylor hasn’t gone to the doctors, got a prescription for Prozac and gone on the sick until there are signs of life at Parkhead.

He faces up to the growing swell of anger every single day. He is doing the best job of the lot of them, and he’s doing with it composure and dignity which the manager himself could learn a lot from.

People should not be laying it heavy on him.

In my opinion his bosses have hung him out to dry.

Were they actually lying to us when they promised that this matter would be reviewed in January?

Do they even care by now what supporters think?

The reek of contempt wafts out of Parkhead now, to the point where I feel all of us choking on it.

But that does not extend to the supporter liaison.

Indeed, John Paul Taylor is one of the few at Celtic who emerges from this crisis with a shred of credibility.

As far as I’m concerned, he’s doing the best he can, under unbelievably restricted conditions imposed on him from above.

They have thrown him to the wolves, that’s what I think.

They are hiding behind a good man, and letting him take the flak.

What cowards these are we have running Celtic right now.

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