Eddie Proved Again Today Why He’s Worth The Vast Fee Celtic Will Get For Him.

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Scottish football’s undisputed finest proved it again today with two goals, one of them a moment of actual brilliance and footballing ability which should serve as another demonstration that he is head and shoulders above everyone else in the land.

I laugh thinking about the headlines last week – provoked by Andy Walker’s latest bizarre theory – that we would deal at £15 million.

Between the cost of buying Eddie in the first place, the sell-on clause and whatever else we owe elsewhere we’d be to make our initial in the guy back. That sum wouldn’t even have got us to the phone.

I doubt any club out there would our time or their own with such a offer, unless Peter Lawwell takes a new gig at one of them and tries one of his standard opening bids.

Celtic will ask for big money and we know we’ll get it because Eddie is a special footballer and proves it time and again. The accolade of “best Celtic striker since Larsson” is fully deserved.

We rejected a £15 million bid for the King when he was here. 20 ago.

The price of players has skyrocketed since then. It’s chump change and insults us and him.

I laugh especially at Walker for making such a stupid claim, proving that he is one of dumbest people on our screens and in our press.

If had half the integrity he pretends he would man up and admit that his £15 million claim was ridiculous and that Eddie has shown him, and the rest of the critics, up today and in recent weeks.

The big man wasn’t tremendous today.

He looks laboured in a one-up front system.

Playing in a with a good front man beside him, and a good manager in charge, he will run riot in most leagues.

He is a special footballer and it’s been a privilege to watch him.

We will make a fortune when he finally leaves us this summer.

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