Ex-Celt’s Compete Over Who Can Make The Stupidest Comments Over Ajeti.

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What is it with our ex-players feeling like they have to constantly swing the boot at our footballers? Do they think they need to stay impartial to keep their media gigs? Or is it something else?

Hey, if they only look across at the smirking fool Boyd they’ll realise impartiality isn’t a requirement of the job.

Indeed, if they look at that idiot they’ll see that talent and intelligence aren’t requirements of it either.

Charlie Nicholas, being one of them, has proved it.

Sutton has sounded equally stupid lately, and no more so than when he accused Albian Ajeti of diving, something even the hacks at the Daily Record aren’t doing.

Every single one of their “Monday Panel” members said Ajeti would, and should, win his appeal.

When you are flying in the face of that anti-Celtic rag in your negative comments about a Celtic player, how far from the path of sanity and reason have you actually strayed in trying to be a controversialist?

I have said on here before; I prefer Hartson to Sutton as a pundit every day of the week, because he doesn’t try to be Hugh Keevins, talking just to hear the sound of his voice.

Sutton accepts that there was contact, at least.

Nicholas doesn’t believe that there was even that. Although the footage proves that there was.

Maybe he’d like to take a look at the Zapruder Film as well and come back to tell us that actually nothing hit Kennedy that day and his death is a big mystery.

If stupidity was a tradable commodity, Charlie Nicholas would never need to work again.

These are the kinds of people who make it easy for folk like Lennon and Lawwell to get away with mismanagement. They talk so much garbage, on such a regular basis, that when they do make sense from time to time nobody is paying attention.

Albian Ajeti will probably win his appeal today; I say probably, because you just never know with the SFA, as they decided he had a case to answer in the first place.

That, alone, worries me.

But Sutton and Nicholas and others have already branded him a cheat and so if there’s a future case involving him it won’t be the verdict people remember … it will be two ex-strikers who said he dived and thus probably got away with one here.

It is seriously frustrating listening to and reading that kind of stuff every day, from people who once wore the famous Hooped shirt.

Who needs enemies?

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